Welcome to A.P. Christou & Associates

The main activity of "Andreas P. Christou & Associates", composed by a number of highly efficient engineers and technicians with a high-tech background, consists of various types of structural design - planning and static as well as dynamic calculations on account  of private  and  public clients in Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Middle East.
The planning and design work is related to large residential and industrial buildings, malls, commercial centers, theaters, super markets, as well as bridges, precast concrete projects, steel constructions and steel composite constructions.

Who we are..
The company's director Dipl.- Ing. Andreas P.  Christou accomplished his studies as a civil engineer in 1987 with the specialization in structural design at Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. Within a one year period he acquired the title of an ITF - Industrial Trainer for Managers at the same university, Section Prestressed Concrete. (Scholarship of the ministry of Technology Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

Dipl.- Ing. Andreas P. Christou has been successfully working as a technical consultant in many fields of his specialty and for a wide range of different problems to which he offered efficient solutions. In addition he participated in the development of computational techniques for subjects and methods that were not adequately covered in the international market.
Within the period of 1988 to 1994, Andreas P. Christou was employed at “Dr. Mayer-Vorfelder und Dinkelacker” consulting and checking engineers in the field of complex building units, leisure centre, industrial buildings and bridges construction in Germany, Kuwait and the Arabic Emirates. He was working in the company’s authorized controllers team and is still in close professional contact with the company.

He founded “Andreas P. Christou & Associates - Consulting Engineers Collaborated” both at Thessaloniki - Greece and Stuttgart - Germany in 1993. Athens office opened in 2001 and Cyprus office opened in 2003.

Together with three other highly qualified and experienced engineers he founded in 2000 the Bureau of Statics and Engineering Consulting “MNTX – Consulting Engineers ETE” in Athens with settlements in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete. The Bureau acquired the certificate level D of the Greek Engineering Association for designing public projects.

In 2010 the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation was established in Greece and “Andreas P. Christou & Associates” responding to the circumstances is undertaking energy auditing of buildings and issuing the Energy Efficiency Certificate. Dipl.- Ing. Andreas P. Christou is authorized Energy Inspector licensed by the Government both in Greece and Cyprus.